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Engineering Education needs to address both current and future economic, social and environmental challenges. An understanding of ethics, ethical decision making and responsibilities becomes a necessary tool for the global engineer, which helps support his/her day-to-day activities, as well as international policy making.


  • Establish a network of educators and practicing engineers who want to develop ethics education
  • Stimulate discussion, opinion formation and decision making about the needs and opportunities for ethics in the engineering curricula
  • Share experiences, practices, developments and teaching resources in ethics and ethical leadership education


  • Organisation of themed workshops at the SEFI Annual Conference
  • Organisation of themed workshops or seminars during the whole year
  • Joint research and publications in the field of Engineering Ethics Education
  • Reporting on congresses, conferences or different meetings that take place all over the world, related to the ethics of engineering and engineering ethics education
  • Preparation the SEFI Ethics Special Interest Group Newsletter

SEFI Ethics Editorials

SEFI Ethics Newsletters


Prof. Manfred Hampe

Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany

Roland Tormey

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPLF
Lausanne, Switzerland

Latest news

Gunter Bombaerts received the 2021 SEFI Francesco Maffioli Award of Excellence for Developing Learning and Teaching in Engineering Education

Gunter Bombaerts, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) at the University of Technology TU/e, received the SEFI Francesco Maffioli Award of Excellence for Developing Learning and Teaching in Engineering Education in 2021. Gunter Bombaerts and his colleagues…

SEFI@work: Water ethics and responsible engineering

Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 15:00 – 17:00 CET (EU) Ethics is an important yet frequently ignored aspect of water resource planning, policymaking or infrastructure development and management. Water conveys different types of values – emotional, spiritual, cultural or socio-economic –…

SEFI@work: Engineering ethics education: insights from Spain and Portugal

Thursday, 23 September, 11-13 CET This interactive session will discuss the following two topics:  1. Situation of Engineering Education on Ethics in Portugal and Spain Survey of syllabus of engineering courses in higher education in Portugal that tackle Ethics will…

Value Sensitive Design as a participative and nudging instrument in and for Engineering Ethics Education.

Value-sensitive design (VSD) and other methods of design for value are key in engineering and in engineering ethics education (EEE). They are extremely supportive to increase the ethical contribution of engineers in technological developments. Good insights into these methods therefore…

Responsible Engineering, Design and Innovation

In a recent article about the future of design education, Meyer and Norman defined design as “Design generates the tangible and intangible built environment as well as the social environment. (Design is a discipline of making. It makes the physical,…

The beginning of our value sensitive design journey

For the past few years, my research at the University of Southern Denmark has focused on applying the value sensitive design (VSD) methodology to an exciting and sometimes contentious technology – drones (  In many ways these flying robots are…

Critical Thinking at the Foundation for Engineering Ethics Education

Being aware of normative and applied ethics and how these might be relevant in our everyday professional live comprises a necessary skill for modern engineers. However, educating upcoming engineers on ethics also requires us to attend to critical thinking and…

An Open Educational Resource on teaching for values at design and engineering program

The development and implementation of new technologies impact society on many different levels, from the individual perspective to large-scale societal effects (Nathan et al., 2008). As acknowledged, all designs embed and manifest certain values and ethics, and may, for good…

Finding values in the dark

At a general level, the basic tenets of value sensitive design (VSD) are easy enough to grasp; the challenge lies in applying the concepts and methods to specific domains or technologies, and working through the complex and nuanced interaction between…

Envision values, envision value sensitive design

How can engineering students learn to quickly and actively engage in designing technologies for human values rather than relegating them to afterthoughts? Or, more precisely, what are the available methods and tools to help engineers frame their day-to-day work and…

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