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Engineering Education needs to address both current and future economic, social and environmental challenges. An understanding of ethics, ethical decision making and responsibilities becomes a necessary tool for the global engineer, which helps support his/her day-to-day activities, as well as international policy making.


  • Establish a network of educators and practicing engineers who want to develop ethics education
  • Stimulate discussion, opinion formation and decision making about the needs and opportunities for ethics in the engineering curricula
  • Share experiences, practices, developments and teaching resources in ethics and ethical leadership education


  • Organisation of themed workshops at the SEFI Annual Conference
  • Organisation of themed workshops or seminars during the whole year
  • Joint research and publications in the field of Engineering Ethics Education
  • Reporting on congresses, conferences or different meetings that take place all over the world, related to the ethics of engineering and engineering ethics education
  • Preparation the SEFI Ethics Special Interest Group Newsletter

SEFI Ethics Editorials

SEFI Ethics Newsletters


Prof. Manfred Hampe

Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany

Roland Tormey

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPLF
Lausanne, Switzerland

Latest news

Engineering Educators, Emotional Guardians of the rationality-galaxy

Engineers often see themselves as the guardians of the rationality-galaxy. Without rationality, including scientific rigor and engineering efficiency, humanity is completely lost. Corona countermeasures would be up to emotional anti-vaxxers and the world would miss the sustainability opportunities because emotive…

Systematic Review: Emotion in Engineering Ethics Education

A Systematic Review on Emotion in Engineering Ethics Education Emotion is intrinsically tied to ethics, such as being situated in the ethic of care, moral intuition, and moral judgment. Emotion is connected to education through academic, teacher, and student emotions.…

Increasing awareness of ethical issues in learning environment

More emotional engagement in richer learning environments will elevate awareness and understanding of ethical issues All disciplines, including Psychology, have a responsibility to society to ensure ethical behavior of their members. Ethics education for the members (through learning formal guidelines,…

Towards more collective, caring, and empathetic engineering

Decolonizing engineering education: a possible path towards a more collective, caring, and empathetic field In the past few years, engineering education has done a lot of work in the realm of empathy and care. It makes sense; we want engineers…

Is ethics education part of a long-term socialization process?

Social intuitionism suggests engineering educators consider ethics education as a long-term socialization process Waking up in the morning, reading a newspaper or listening to a podcast, we encounter various social issues spanning from public health policy to hate crimes. In…

Online conflict management course to support PBL

Experiences of an online conflict management course to support Problem and Project-Based Learning Problem and project-based learning (PBL) is the primary learning philosophy at Aalborg University in the Northern part of Denmark, especially at the engineering programs. Half the curricula…

Emotions and STEM Education? But why?

The last 15 years has seen increased interest in the role of emotions in STEM education. But why should STEM educators care about the emotions? Aren’t the emotions irrational and thereby have no place in the natural sciences? Around 11…

Wikipedia is techno-ethical marvel, and a conundrum.

Wikipedia is techno-ethical marvel, and a conundrum.  For those teaching engineering ethics, it is an endless source of material for exploring how technology, morality, and social forces interact. Wikipedia is a free and open encyclopaedia, providing anyone access to information…

The ethical dimension of online technologies and online education

Universities across the globe shifted to fully online delivery as campuses locked down. For most institutions this meant a swift move from their face-to-face teaching model to the ‘Zoom classroom’. This attempt was in most cases a replication of their…

What have we lost and gained with lecturing online for the engineering ethics classes?

During the course of last year, universities had to move online their teaching because of the restrictions posed by the Corona pandemic. In an effort to not lose any educational quality, we moved online all the educational forms that previously …

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