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A Virtual Ethical Innovation Lecture as a Resource for Connecting Researchers and Students from Technology and Engineering to Ethics

By Christian Herzog (University of Lübeck)

Enabling engineering students to articulate and discuss values and ethics in technology is a primary goal of ethics courses in engineering curricula – and rightfully so. Being an engineer by primary education myself, I have experienced first-hand the different cultures and the effort it may require opening your mind towards a different discipline.

At the Ethical Innovation Hub, we want to reach out to our academic engineering colleagues, tech companies and engineering students to address this.

The Ethical Innovation Hub is a research group at the University of Lübeck dedicated to integrating ethical analyses and societal aspects into technological innovation. Our mission is to help spread the word about initiatives, research results as well as methods and tools in this area by building bridges between technology and humanities.

 Our “Virtual Ethical Innovation Lectures”, or “VEILs” provide a series of virtual events. In bite-sized presentations followed by a Q&A session, we bring together interested persons from academia representing different disciplines, industry and public life for discussions on all things tech & ethics. Each VEIL will be followed-up by a written summary of the highlights of the presentation, as well as a recording of the presentation.

We ask our speakers to deliver inputs accessible to audiences not familiar with the contents. We therefore also advertise the VEILs to our students as an additional resource for inspiration. And the interest that our students show is remarkable!

Future dates include

·       Esther Buchmüller & Beat Vollenwyder, Dec 15th, 2020

“SBB Inclusive – The App for Barrier-Free Customer Information by the Swiss Federal Railways”

·       Ansgar Koene, Jan 19th, 2021

“Principles, Standards and Regulation for Trustworthy AI”

·       Thomas Losse-Müller, Feb 16th, 2021

“Sustainability Considerations for the Digital Transformation”

·       Hermann Diebel-Fischer, Apr 27th, 2021

“Ethics and Quantification: Disentangling a Relationship”

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