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Categories of SEFI membership


Educational institutions and other teaching establishments involved in the education and training of engineers. Leaflet.


Enterprises, companies and administrations employing engineers or interested in the education and training of engineers. Leaflet


Professional organizations involved in engineering education or improvement of engineering profession, or institutions not fulfilling the criteria of the institutional membership


Persons involved in the engineering education and the improvement of the engineering profession, and individuals interested in joining our Working Groups or Deans’ Council

Institutional membership

<400 engineering students EUR 500.00 votes in GA: 2
401 – 2000 engineering students EUR 1050.00 votes in GA: 4
2001 – 5000 engineering students   EUR 1,600.00 votes in GA: 6
5001 – 10000 engineering students EUR 1,800.00 votes in GA: 8
>10000 engineering students EUR 2000.00 votes in GA: 10

Industrial membership

Working group supporters EUR 1,300.00 votes in GA: 1
Corporate members EUR 2,600.00 votes in GA: 2
Corporate partners EUR 5,100.00 votes in GA: 3

Associate membership

Student associations EUR 160.00 votes in GA: 2
Other associations EUR 380.00 votes in GA: 2
Institutions not eligible for institutional membership EUR 500.00 votes in GA: 2
Professional engineering societies EUR 800.00 votes in GA: 2

Individual membership

Individuals from non-SEFI institution EUR 150.00 votes in GA: 1
Individuals from SEFI member institution
(including free access to on-line EJEE *)
EUR 90.00 votes in GA: 1
EEDC** from non-SEFI institution EUR 200.00 votes in GA: 1
EEDC** from SEFI institutional members Free of charge votes in GA: 1
Students  (EJEE* not included) EUR 30.00 votes in GA: 1
Membership for retired academics/engineers EUR 70.00 votes in GA: 1

*EJEE – European Journal of Engineering Education, **EEDC – European Engineering Deans Council

According to Belgian law, 21% VAT will be charged to the European Members without a VAT number and to all Belgian members.