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SEFI@Work are online seminars that are organised to fit in your workday schedule. These events aim to bring together peers from around the globe and create thematic discussions about engineering education. If you are interested in organising a seminar, we’d be happy to hear from you at

Upcoming events

11 December – SEFI@Work: Increasing inclusion at SEFI conferences

Past events

14 June – SEFI@work: The Social Dimension of Engineering: Outcomes, Skills, and Resistance 

23 May – SEFI@Work: Analyzing Student-Teacher Interactions in Challenge-based Learning

3 May – SEFI@work: How to support PhD students in Engineering Education Research 

15 March – SEFI@work: The experience of neurodiverse engineering students: support for success

6th February – SEFI@Work: Reflexivity and Positionality statements

16th January – SEFI@work session: General information on the Engineering Education Research Methods 

6th December – A canvas for the ethical design of learning experiences with digital tools 

21st November – Experiencing stakeholder dynamics around emerging technologies: Theatrical role-plays in engineering education 

5 October – SEFI@Work: Be ready to make it awkward

22 June 2022 – SEFI@Work: Engineering Education Leaders’ Vision on the Role and Prospects of Ethics

17 May 2022 – SEFI@Work: Workshop: Responsible Research and Innovation in Engineering Education

20 April 2022 – SEFI@Work: Exploring Reflective diaries using Thematic Analysis

19 April 2022 – SEFI@Work: Engineers for a social change

28 March 2022 –  Teaching societal responsibility through real-life projects and challenge-based learning

28 February 2022 – Enhancing engineering teaching by building a community of educators

9 February 2022 – Empowering and engaging engineering students

8 February 2022 – Growth mindset and the art of performing a systematic literature review

20 January 2022 – Engineering education for sustainability

15 December 2021 – Global perspectives for engineering ethics education

10 December 2021 – Engineering Skills Session 1: “Engineering skill sets across Europe”

7 December 2021 – SEFI 2021 Best Paper Awards

10 November 2021 – Participatory tech assessment in engineering education

20 October 2021 – Water ethics and responsible engineering

12 October 2021 – Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day – an international discussion on young women in engineering and technology education  

06 October 2021 – The role of mental health for a diverse and inclusive engineering culture

23 September 2021 – Engineering Ethics Education in Spain and Portugal

15 July 2021 – SEFI Ethics webinar: Justice and community engagement in engineering education

23 June 2021 – SEFI Ethics Seminar: Envisioning Better Futures with Value Sensitive Design

27 May 2021 – SEFI Capacity Building SIG meeting and brainstorming – report

04 May 2021 – SEFI Ethics Seminar: Emotions and Intuitions in Engineering Ethics Education

22 April 2021 – SEFI Ethics Seminar: Film and fiction in engineering (ethics) education

25-26 March 2021 – SEFI Ethics Spring School: Experiencing Engineering Ethics Education: Reflections, evidence and perspectives on engineering ethics education in practice

4 March 2021 – SEFI Ethics Webinar: Using case studies in engineering ethics education

4 February 2021 – SEFI Ethics Webinar: Ethics in the context of accreditation

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