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ENSCHEDE – Universiteit Twente – Groepsfoto internationale SEFI Deans conferentie in het U-Parkhotel . donderdag 25 mei 2023 FOTO: Frans Nikkels FN20230525

The general objective of the Conventions is to bring together Deans from all over Europe to meet and to discuss in depth common topics, share experiences, identify solutions for problems and build up a network with peers in different European countries.

SEFI launched the conventions in 2005, under the Presidency of Prof. Borri, University of Florence. Since 2011, ECEDs are organised by SEFI, the local engineering education institution and other partners.

Upcoming Deans’ Convention

Recent Deans’ Conventions

ECED 2023 – “Leadership for Digitalisation in Higher Engineering Education” – University of Twente in Enschede, NL – 24-26 May 2023

ECED 2021 – “Shaping Engineers for Responsible Impact” – Universidad Carlos III, Madrid – November 2021

ECED 2019 – “Challenges in University Business Cooperation in Engineering Education: Crossing borders” – KU Leuven, 26-28 May 2019 – photos, publication: The Leuven Lesson

ECED 2018 – “Digitalization and diversity” – NTNU Trondheim, 27-29 May 2018 – photos, highlights

ECED 2017 – “Research, Education and Governance”  – Technical University of Munich, DE – highlights, photos, publication: The Munich Message 

ECED 2016 – “Schools of Engineering at the Forefront of Meeting Development Challenges” – University College London, UK – highlights, photos, publication: London Agenda

ECED 2015 – “Engineering in a Global Context” – Valencia, ES

ECED 2014 – “Engineering for a Connected World” – Lund, SE

ECED 2013 – “Engineering Education for a Sustainable Europe” – Aalborg, DK

ECED 2012 – “Tomorrow’s engineers for an Attractive Europe: Working together to Build on Europe’ s Excellence in EE and research” – Birmingham, UK

ECED 2011 – “Engineering Education for an Innovative Europe” – Paris, FR

ECED 2008 – “Special Challenges for Higher Engineering Education” – Berlin, DE

ECED 2005 – “Present and Future Challenges for Engineering Education and Research in Europe” – Florence, IT

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