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Follow your special interests with SEFI groups

SEFI offers an opportunity to delve into specific topics of engineering education with the Special Interest Groups.

At the annual conference in Budapest, the groups organised multiple workshops and held well-attended meetings open to new members. Following the conference, the groups are ready for another year of activities, projects, common publications and exchanges on their current research and interests.

We encourage you to join our groups and to make the selection easier, here is a summary of the upcoming group activities:

Engineering Education Research

Further to organising a successful workshop where the audience of 59 participants collaboratively explored 17 papers to find the factors that contribute to the citability of engineering education papers; the EER group organised the Doctoral Symposium that was attended by 15 doctoral students and 14 experienced supervisors. The next doctoral symposium is planned for the Enschede at SEFI 2020 Annual Conference. If you would like to work regularly with the group, you may Contact the chair


Mathematics interest group is the coordinator and scientific guarantor of the 20th SEFI-MWG European Seminar on Mathematics in Engineering Education that will take place on June 15-17, 2020 in Kristiansand, Norway. It will be jointly organised by the University of Agder and the MaTRIC centre of excellence. Steering committee of Mathematics interest group will meet on its annual meeting organized by in November in Bratislava. Contact the chair


Physics SIG continues to plan the next Physics Teaching in Engineering Education (PTEE2021) conference, which will be in Tampere, Finland on May 2021. First announcement and call for papers will be published within few months. On behalf of the local organizers, warm welcome to Tampere. Contact the chair

Gender and diversity

In the upcoming year, we aim to continue promoting the value of gender diversity and inclusivity within the engineering education and profession. To realise this, we will identify and celebrate best practices designed to attract and retain both students and staff across different European education institutions. We will also disseminate information and support collaborative research projects on gender and diversity in engineering education. Contact the chair

Open and Online Education

How can we help educators navigate the spectrum of what Open & Online Education is? This year, the Open & Online education working group will work towards building a community dialogue on defining this spectrum. Feel free to join the dialogue on our community discussion tool Contact the chair


The group has planned the following activities for the upcoming year: 1) the need to establish a mailing list for the WG so its members can easily be in contact and share relevant information and events regarding sustainability in engineering education – to be added to this mailing list please write to: 2) prepare a workshop proposal for the upcoming SEFI conference on how to integrate sustainability in engineering education. 3) There is a specific conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development coming up.  Contact the chair


The groups has two on-going activities:

  • ERASMUS project ASTEP2030 aiming to find out the the attracting factors of the students and modify the education to a more attractive form to meet to the needs.
  • writing a new book book about different aspects of Engineering Attractiveness. We invite all the interested to contribute their idea what the book could include and additionally volunteer to be an author. After that the first outline of the book will be produced. Contact the chair


The aims of the Ethics Working Group are to share new and innovative practices in teaching engineering ethics, to keep members abreast of cutting edge themes and approaches in engineering ethics research, and to provide a platform for international collaboration between group members. To achieve this in 2019-20, the SIG will organise a workshop in spring 2020 on teaching and evaluating engineering ethics, as well as a series of ’virtual’ sharing events for members leading up to the workshop. Contact the chair

Curriculum Development

The field of the Curriculum Development connects to most other SIGs within SEFI and over the year the topics of interest for the CD-SIG has constantly grown. To avoid overlap and interface efficiently to other SIG, it is important to clearly define what we mean by curriculum development. If you feel it would be interesting to participate in this re-shaping of the SIG, please contact one of the chairs. Contact the chair

Engineering Skills

Contact the Chair 

Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning

Contact the chair

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