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The SEFI Francesco Maffioli Award of Excellence for Developing Teaching and Learning in Engineering Education

The call for candidates is also available in a PDF format.

Deadline for Nominations: 1st April, 2018


Everywhere there are best-teacher awards, often organised by students, and that is a good thing. The Francesco Maffioli Award of Excellence is different. It focuses on the preparatory work done by educators that enables sustained learning to happen. The good teacher can make learning happen on the day. But the good material, the good system, method or tool not only makes learning happen on that day, but also on the next day, in labs and classrooms, and is often used by other teachers also. The Francesco Maffioli Award of Excellence, established in honour of Prof. Francesco Maffioli of the Technical University of Milano and former President of SEFI, is intended to highlight and celebrate such contributions to engineering education.


Open-minded and innovative development of curriculum, learning materials, environments or tools, novel didactics, pedagogics, methods or systems in engineering studies

The Award

In addition to a scroll, there will be a prize of €750, free attendance to the SEFI Annual Conference, and a scheduled plenary presentation at the SEFI Annual Conference (one person, if a team wins).

Who can be nominated?

An individual teacher or a team of teachers from SEFI higher education institutional members.

Who can nominate?

SEFI institutional members. Nominations should be made by the university academic management and only one candidate (or team) can be nominated per institution. It is the hope of SEFI that member institutions will adapt a local award of similar nature as the Francesco Maffioli Award. In such a case, the institutional winner can be nominated for the Francesco Maffioli Award. In this way, we see this becoming the “European Cup” for recognising excellent learning and teaching in engineering education.


Nominations, supporting letter and descriptive material must be sent in pdf format via email to:

The Award Committee will make a final recommendation to the SEFI Board of Directors for ratification.

  • Greet Langie (KU Leuven)
  • Sirin Tekinay (Sabanci University)
  • John Mitchell (UCL)
  • Luis Manuel Sanchez-Ruiz (UPV)
  • Hannu-Matti Järvinen (Tampere UT)
  • Martin Vigild (DTU) (Chair)