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The SEFI Journal of Engineering Education Advancement offers a route to share ideas, emerging research, practice experience and innovations in the engineering education field. This peer-reviewed, open-access, online and archived journal is an official journal of SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education.
The journal aims to support the advancement of engineering education as it is experienced and practised. It welcomes exciting new innovations and ideas over a wide range of topics within the field.

There is so much exciting work being done by creative and forward-thinking academics working in the classrooms, workshops and laboratories of engineering schools across the globe but this is often not disseminated to colleagues elsewhere in the sector.

We particularly want to encourage authors with exciting new approaches and insights on practice activities but who may feel nervous about some of the expectations of submitting to journals with regard to the strict pedagogical framing and requirements and instead we want to hear good stories of important work which can benefit those involved in supporting the learning of engineering students.

The first contributions are already being reviewed. To submit your work, please see our “author guidelines”.

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