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Objective and Goals:

Primary Objective: To support and enhance the international accreditation of engineering programs and the development of engineering educators register through targeted tools and strategies.

Key Goals:

  • Develop and disseminate innovative tools and resources that support quality assurance and international accreditation in engineering education.
  • Build capacity among engineering educators for meeting and exceeding international accreditation standards.
  • Support ENAEE on the continuous development of a framework for the continuous improvement and adaptation of accreditation processes in response to evolving educational and technological trends.

Planned Activities:

Tool Development Workshops: Conduct workshops focused on the creation of tools and resources for quality assurance and accreditation, such as self-assessment guides, best practice manuals, and digital assessment platorms.
Capacity Building Programs: Design and implement training programs for engineering educators, focusing on accreditation standards, quality assurance methodologies, and educational best practices.
Annual Conference Sessions: Host dedicated sessions at the SEFI annual conference to share advancements in tools and strategies for accreditation and educator’s recognised quality development.

Membership Engagement:

Interactive Webinars and Forums: Organize regular webinars (once per semester) that include online forums for SEFI members to discuss challenges, share experiences, and gain insights into accreditation processes and educator development.
Peer Review and Mentorship Networks: Establish a network of peer reviewers and mentors to support institutions and educators in their accreditation efforts.
Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Implement mechanisms for regular feedback from members to continuously improve the tools and resources developed.

Collaboration Opportunities:

Partnerships with Accrediting Bodies: Collaborate with ENAEE and other accrediting bodies to ensure the tools and strategies developed are aligned with international standards and expectations.
Global Outreach Initiatives: Extend outreach to engineering education institutions worldwide, promoting the adoption of the developed tools and methodologies.


Prof. Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado

Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Raja Toqeer

The University of Sheffield
Sheffield, United Kingdom

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