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An Invitation to Shape the Future of Engineering Education: Help us form our new SIG in Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Dear Esteemed Members of SEFI,

As President of ENAEE and a proud member of the Board of Directors of SEFI, I am thrilled to extend an invitation to each of you for an initiative close to my heart – the formation of a Special Interest Group (SIG) focusing on Quality Assurance and Accreditation in engineering education.

This initiative represents not just a commitment to excellence but also a call to action for all of us who are passionate about the future of engineering education. The idea of this SIG is born from a shared vision to foster excellence and innovation in our field. However, its realization depends wholly on your participation and support.

Why is your involvement crucial? This SIG is envisioned as a collaborative platform where diverse voices, experiences, and insights converge to address the challenges and opportunities in quality assurance and accreditation. Your unique perspective and expertise are the lifeblood of this endeavor, capable of driving meaningful change in our educational landscape.

I am reaching out personally to each of you to consider being part of this groundbreaking group. Whether you are seasoned in accreditation or new to the nuances of quality assurance, your contribution will be valued. Together, we can create a dynamic and impactful community within SEFI.

Please express your interest by contacting me at Share a bit about your background and what aspects of quality assurance and accreditation you are passionate about.

We plan to kick-start our activities with a virtual meeting in early 2024. This meeting will not only set the stage for our future work but also offer a chance for you to engage with peers, share ideas, and help shape the direction of the SIG.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and today, I invite you to take this step with me. Let’s come together to build a SIG that stands as a testament to our commitment and vision for engineering education.

I eagerly await your responses and am excited about the prospect of working alongside each of you in this venture.

With warm regards,

Prof. Dr. José Carlos Quadrado
President, ENAEE
Member, Board of Directors, SEFI

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