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The SEFI Fellowship Awards, an esteemed recognition in engineering education, have been a platform to celebrate excellence, commitment, and dedication within the field. We proudly announce that one of this year’s fellows is Dr. Maartje van den Bogaard.

Dr. Maartje van den Bogaard is an Associate Professor of STEM Education at the University of Texas at El Paso’s College of Education in the United States and stands as a testament to the confluence of educational science and engineering. Her academic journey began with the pursuit of an MSc in Education Science at the University of Groningen, followed by a Ph.D. in Technology, Policy, and Management from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. This dual expertise endowed her with a unique perspective and authority in the field of engineering education.

Her journey with SEFI commenced in 2007 when she was introduced to the organization by her Ph.D. Supervisor, Professor Erik de Graaff. Maartje became a dynamic contributor. She co-organized the SEFI annual conference in Rotterdam in 2009, still while pursuing her Ph.D. She demonstrated her dedication by serving as a guest editor for the 2010 EJEE Special Issue: Best Papers from the 37th Annual SEFI Conference. Furthermore, she actively participated in the Engineering Education Research SIG and served tirelessly as a Deputy Editor for the European Journal of Engineering Education (EJEE) for over 5 years and where she still continues her work as an Associate Editor.

Professor Maartje van den Bogaard embodies the values and aspirations of SEFI. As one of the nominators aptly says, “Although love took Maartje to the United States, her heart continues to beat strongly for SEFI, and her involvement continues. Maartje is an example of the many SEFI members who work behind the scenes to keep the community going and growing.”

We are honored to congratulate Professor Maartje van den Bogaard on receiving the SEFI Fellowship Award 2023 on behalf of SEFI.

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