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At the SEFI2023 Conference in Dublin, the SEFI board of directors proudly conferred the SEFI Fellowship upon Dr. Kristina Edström, recognizing her extensive contributions to the engineering education community. Dr. Edström’s impact is notable in various domains, and her dedication to advancing the field has left an indelible mark.

As the chief editor of the European Journal for Engineering Education for over five years, Dr. Edström has played a pivotal role in enhancing the journal’s scholarly value and practical relevance. Her efforts in fostering a diverse network of reviewers and authors from various backgrounds have strengthened the journal’s position. Additionally, her engagement with publishers like Taylor and Francis and her contributions to SEFI meetings have made the journal a cherished part of the SEFI community. Dr. Edström’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineering education researchers is evident through her co-organization of the SEFI doctoral symposium, a crucial event at the SEFI annual conference.

Beyond SEFI, Dr. Edström has significantly influenced engineering education on a global scale. She has been a driving force behind the CDIO initiative, leading to the development of standards, syllabi, and international networking. Her chairmanship of the Advisory Board of the Dutch 4TU Center for Engineering Education has further contributed to innovation and research in engineering education in the Netherlands.

Dr. Edström’s passion for high-quality engineering education, her belief in the power of collective efforts, and her commitment to nurturing the next generation of educators make her a true champion in the engineering education community. Thank you very much to Dr. Kristina Edström for her commitment and hard work!

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