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Monday 28 March, 3-5pm CET / 8-10 am Mexico / 9-11 am EST

Exposing students to real-life challenges is becoming increasingly popular in engineering education. This approach has differing implementations, influenced by the topic of application, the type of external partners engaged in the process, the method of assessing students, the vision of the institution as well as the educators’ own value systems and experiences. Our seminar explores four ways in which real-life problems have been brought to life, in four different institutional settings.


Christian Herzog (University of Luebeck, Germany): Teaching a Constructive Approach to the Ethics of Technology by Partnering with Start-ups as Real Case Studies

Kyriaki Papageorgiou (ESADE, Spain): Challenge-Based Innovation for Climate Change: Reflections from teaching action and responsibility through real-life projects

Emanuela Tilley (University College London, UK): Exploring social responsibility through context rich, interdisciplinary projects in the first and second years of engineering programmes

Jorge Membrillo-Hernández (Monterey Tec, Mexico): Challenge-based learning as a tool for acquiring skills on the path to transforming society

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