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JMP Webinar invitation: “Preparing Students for Data-Driven Problem-Solving in the Chemical & BioPharma Industries” Nov 9th 2021, 1-2 pm CET

Free registration here.

Are you teaching students or developing curricula in Chemistry, Engineering, BioTech or related fields? Are you wondering about the most relevant skills and how to teach them? This webinar will provide some answers and insights from an industry perspective.

Hear from Andreas Trautmann, Process Expert at LONZA, lecturer and long-time JMP user, what is needed for process understanding, driving innovation and short time-to-market. Andreas will share examples about required competencies for process development and optimization, based on recent real-world applications.

Your take-aways from this webinar:
– Learn about the analytics skills the chemical engineering, biotech and pharma industries are looking for
– Hear about a success story from industry collaborating in student education
– Take advantage of free teaching material for integration into your courses
– Opportunities for fostering connections, joint symposiums, internships, business speed-dating days, or applied research

This webinar supports the mission of the JMP Academic Program: “Help bridge the gap between academia and industry, to build an awareness and an understanding of the importance of statistical thinking, and promote critical skills to better prepare students for careers in industry.”

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