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Calvin Rans – TU Delft / Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

The SEFI 2021 conference was an online conference, but with a theme of blended learning. In the spirit of that theme, a session was help where participants shared their thought on what worked and what didn’t work in the SEFI 2021 conference based on five trigger themes: Preparation, Interaction, Integration, Timing, and Self-Discipline. Although the session had fewer participants then we were hoping for, there was still a fruitful discussion about what aspects of an Online Conference should be retained (or skipped altogether) in future conferences utilizing the principals of Blended Learning. We were lucky to have a graphically-minded observer who made a graphical representation of the discussions and key points that came up which you can see below. Perhaps this triggers you and will keep the dialogue going about how future face-to-face conferences should leverage the tools and capabilities that we have relied upon during this period of online interaction!

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