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Call for candidates: 2020 SEFI elections
Board of directors and Vice president

The SEFI elections will take place on the occasion of the 2020 SEFI General Assembly in September.

We are inviting candidatures for the following positions:

  • 7 members of Board of Directors (3-year mandate – 2020-2023)
  • a Vice president (2-year mandate – 2020-2022)


Members of SEFI, who have paid their annual membership fee and are interested in these positions, are invited to send a CV and a motivation letter and a filled-in endorsement form to the SEFI President and Secretary General before 1 June 2020. The applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their meeting in early June. Candidatures approved by the Board of Directors will be sent to all the SEFI members with the invitation to the General Assembly.

All candidates are invited to carefully read the Statutes and Bylaws governing our Society. By submitting their candidatures, they confirm that they are aware of the required work and the activities of the Society (available on the SEFI website, in the SEFI newsletter and in the minutes of former General Assemblies).

If you need further information, please contact Mrs Françoise Côme, SEFI Secretary General, at


All candidates must be members of SEFI, demonstrate their willingness to be actively committed to our Society, and should consider the resources (time and funding) to fulfill their obligation.


Legally responsible for the whole organisation, SEFI Board of Directors (administrative council) takes decisions that shape the future of the Society. The members of the Board of directors are asked to participate in three meetings a year: in April/May, in September (at the annual conference) and at the end of November/early December. E-meetings might be organized when requested. The Board members are invited to participate in ad hoc committees that manage various aspects of the organisation and they may be asked to represent SEFI at international events.


Every year, the General Assembly elects a Vice President out of the candidates approved by the Board of Directors. The candidates must be members of the Society. The mandate of the Vice President is for two years and (s)he may run once again for an immediate second mandate. SEFI has 2 Vice Presidents at any given time. The Vice Presidents assist the President in his/her tasks.

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