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CES EduPack is getting a new name.  With the 2020 release, due out in March, GRANTA EduPack will be the new name for the world-leading materials teaching resource.

The Granta Design team joined Ansys, Inc. last year, becoming the Ansys Materials Business Unit. The change to GRANTA EduPack is part of a project to consolidate the Ansys materials products for education and industry under the GRANTA name. It also reflects some updates to the resources – GRANTA EduPack includes a refreshed look for the software user interface and new databases for Medical Devices and Design.

Other than this, our support for the Materials Education community remains exactly the same – with the same Granta Education Team and renewed investment in the development of new software features, data, and resources. Find out more at one of our upcoming webinars – starting on Tuesday, with Professor Mike Ashby.

Mar 3 Educating Future Materials Scientists and Engineers: Challenges and Opportunities, with Prof Mike Ashby Read more and register
Mar 12 GRANTA EduPack Case Study – Transportation: Railway Lightweighting Read more and register
Mar 24 Materials Education Using GRANTA EduPack 2020 Read more and register
Apr 7 Artistic Uses of Materials for Engineering and Design Read more and register

With the release of GRANTA EduPack, we’re also going to be changing the way that we keep you informed about these Ansys Granta webinars and other events.  To stay in touch with us, sign up here.

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