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Best Research Paper Award

Peters, Sjoerd; Corporaal, Stephan; Wolffgramm, Milan; McGovern, Kristy :

     Preparing Technicians for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Best Concept Paper Award

Gyula Zilahy and Agnes Zsoka:

     Innovative methods of teaching Sustainable Development.

  • the paper stood our for the importance of the concept presented and its relevance for future generations
  • the paper succeeded in properly addressing and developing the conference themes of complexity, interdisciplinarity and sustainability
  • the paper strongly brought new ideas into perspectove for the development of the field of Engineering Education

Best Poster Paper Award

Adriaan Schelling and Jesper Molin:

     Umbrella Courses at a BEng programme in Civil Engineering

Best Student Paper Award

Mariana Leandro Cruz, Darren Carthy, Sofie Craps:

     Communication Activity Implementation over 3 Engineering Universities: Values and Challenges

  • all student papers had good quality, however, the presentation by Maria Leandro Cruz stood our for the clarity of speech adn quality of slides, which vere very visual, readable and well designed.


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