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A University Leadership Dialogue

NTNU Trondheim, 27-29 May 2018

Come to Trondheim to meet your peers!
Discuss and debate important issues and exciting ideas!
Networking generates value – personally and for our institutions.
For Engineering Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Deputy Rectors.


Digitalisation of Today and for Tomorrow

  •  Are we ready for the challenge, with our attitudes and disciplinary university structures? Do we have to shape new structures of competence in our universities?
  •  How can we proactively and responsively navigate the societal changes and steer the current dynamic technical innovations to the benefit of society?

Digitalisation in Learning and Researching

  • Can we “hack” the brains of our students, make them better learners, improve individualized teaching, and offer tailor-suited options for continuous education?
  • Is Computational Thinking going to be applied to all “classical sciences” and what happens to the “classical scientists”?

Diversity and Dynamite

  • How do we turn diversity away from being a complication and rather focus on what it gives us in potential outcomes, results or products that we could not have obtained without it?

Towards a Communiqué on “Trondheim Trends”

For further information; Youtube videos and registration, please visit the convention website


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