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25 September 2023 – Brussels, Belgium

The Engineers for Europe (E4E) project, a project financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, recently convened its 2nd Physical Project Meeting at the ACE Events Conference Centre in Brussels. This event was succeeded by the 1st European Engineering Skills Council Meeting, signifying a crucial juncture in the project’s trajectory.

The E4E project, a collaboration of 13 partners from 7 countries including Belgium, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece, aims to enhance the competitiveness of the engineering profession in Europe. The recent meetings accentuated the project’s unwavering commitment to nurturing collaboration among a diverse range of stakeholders, including academia, the business realm, professionals in the engineering sector.

The 2nd Physical E4E Project Meeting commenced with a welcome extended by Dirk BOCHAR, secretary general of ENGINEERS EUROPE and coordinator of the E4E project. This set the stage for an enriching introduction session where every participating organization and stakeholder had the opportunity to introduce themselves, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Following this, ENGINEERS EUROPE took the lead in presenting a comprehensive progress report. This report shed light on the remarkable achievements made in Work Package 2 (WP2) and provided insights into the roadmap for the upcoming Work Packages. A significant highlight of the meeting was the emphasis on the establishment of the Skills Council and its statute. This underscored the collaborative ethos of the project and celebrated the invaluable contributions of each partner.

The 1st European Engineering Skills Council Meeting offered a deep dive into the strategic direction of the E4E project. The meeting was structured with breakout sessions, where members were grouped to address specific challenges and deliberate on guiding questions. Hannes TREIER, the Chair of the Skills Council, articulated the council’s mission with clarity and conviction. He emphasized the council’s role in ensuring the qualification of engineers and underscored the importance of engaging key stakeholders in pivotal discussions about the future trajectory of the engineering profession in Europe. Dirk BOCHAR further elaborated on the council’s long-term vision, highlighting its ambition to continue its influential operations even after the conclusion of the E4E project. He envisioned the council as a dynamic think tank, poised to shape EU policy and drive impactful change in the engineering sector.

The E4E project, bringing together partners from various sectors and with its collaborative spirit, is on the cusp of making a transformative impact in the European engineering sector. The insights and resolutions from the recent meetings have charted a clear path forward, and all partners are galvanized with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to the shared vision.

For more details about the E4E project or to access a repository of documents related to the recent meetings, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official E4E website.

SEFI is an associate partner of this project. Members of SEFI Mike Murphy, Greet Langie and Alfredo Soeiro were present during the meeting. 

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