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In 2023, the European Journal of Engineering Education (EJEE) introduced its first Best Paper Award, marking an important historical turning point for the publication. This renowned award, established with the goal of recognising scholarly quality and practical value, emphasises EJEE’s commitment to recognising outstanding accomplishments within the field of engineering education. The annual SEFI conference, which is customarily held in September, includes the official announcement of this prized award as an essential component.

When compared to the remarkable body of work published in Volume 47, it is evident that this volume has several papers of the highest level. After an exhaustive review, the journal’s renowned editors have finally chosen an article that embodies the greatest levels of study and scholarship and this year award goes to the paper titled “Gender as Structure in the Organisational Socialisation of Newcomer Civil Engineers” by Dr. Kacey Beddoes. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Beddoes adopts a gender perspective to explore the socialization experiences of emerging engineers in their workplace. The paper delves into complex issues of power dynamics and privilege, providing valuable insights into a critical aspect of engineering education. Dr. Beddoes’ research is characterized by its exceptional conceptualization and its thorough integration with existing scholarly literature. Notably, she demonstrates a skillful application of qualitative methodologies, vividly conveying the experiences of novice engineers. It is a truly enlightening and thought-provoking read.

To celebrate the remarkable contributions made by Dr. Kacey Beddoes and her award-winning paper, EJEE has made the paper freely accessible to readers until the end of 2024. This open access initiative aims to ensure that as many individuals as possible can benefit from and engage with this exceptional work. Congratulations, Dr. Kacey Beddoes, for this outstanding achievement!

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