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Celebrating the identities that make us each unique and valued member of the SEFI community

Do you wonder whether you fit into SEFI spaces and conferences? Are you concerned about expressing your identity(ies), and personal views at SEFI events? Do you feel as if you don’t belong in SEFI’s community? Let us assure you that you do!

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SIG is organizing an intimate gathering called Birds of a Feather for an open-hearted sharing of all identities and experiences at the upcoming SEFI conference in Dublin. The goal of this event is to create a welcoming safe space for conference attendees who may not feel fully comfortable navigating SEFI spaces or interacting at the conference due to any aspect of their identity(ies), including age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, language, neurodiversity, physical ability, disciplinary background, level of engineering education experience, and more.

At this gathering, one of our members will share their personal experience as a crossdresser coming out at SEFI 2022. Other members are encouraged, if they wish, to share their thoughts, hopes, and fears, as well as experiences in other events and challenges faced at their home institutions. Our hope is that this gathering will encourage SEFI 2023 attendees to embrace and express their unique identity(ies) and celebrate diverse experiences and perspectives. We want to help create a more inclusive and supportive environment, for everyone, at the conference and other SEFI events. Following this gathering, we aim to prepare a more formal session where practical and concrete action steps can be drafted for future Diversity, Equity and Inclusion SIG activities.

Meeting ethos

In this gathering, personal experiences and emotions will be shared, individually and collectively. You are welcome to just listen and observe or to participate more actively. Therefore, openness to new perspectives, mutual respect, and empathy are the basis of this event.

Practical information

The Birds of a (Different) Feather gathering will take place the day before SEFI starts—on Sunday, the 10th of September—at 6:00 PM at St. Laurence Chapel at TU Dublin Grangegoreman campus. NEW LOCATION: The Stags Head, in the Snug. Address: 1 Dame Ct, Dublin, D02 TW84,

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