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The main objective of the TRAINeng-PDP project is to prepare students for lifelong learning in their future career and to support students in their personal development process.

This project emanates from the idea that engineering employees need to continuously update and up-skill their competencies, to keep pace with the changing technology and shifting requirements of the labour market.

At the SEFI conference in Barcelona, the TRAINeng team presented a scoping review about lifelong learning interventions and organized a workshop to gain some insight into the lecturer’s role in engineering students’ personal development process.

With this survey, lecturers can share their perspectives on how lifelong learning is currently implemented in the engineering curriculum, but also how this can be emphasized in the future.

Completing this questionnaire will take about 15 minutes and is a huge help for the further progress of this project.

The project team wants to take the student and teacher perspectives into account from the start.

For questions/ideas/possible inspiration, please contact us via e-mail or LinkedIn

The TRAINeng team

Lynn Van den Broeck, Sofie Craps, Rani Dujardin (KU Leuven)
Una Beagon, Aimee Byrne, Caitriona de Paor (TU Dublin)
Johanna Naukkarinen (LUT University)

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