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Jonte Bernhard
Linköping University

Professor Jonte Bernhard has for many years been a most distinguished scholar within the engineering education research community. He was a leading figure in establishing SEFI’s Special Interest Group for Engineering Education Research, as well as the Nordic Network for Engineering Education Research.

He has many important publications but let me mention the collaboration with Maura Borrego in the Centennial Issue of the Journal of Engineering Education in 2011. Also, his fine work with Caroline Baillie on quality criteria for engineering education research.

One of Jonte’s important contributions is his work in the European Journal of Engineering Education as Deputy Editor. He has a considerable capacity that combines the academic qualities of humility, kindness, and razor sharpness. 

Another important defining quality is that he always suggested younger women and men for positions. He lifts up the younger talents and encourages renewal. Therefore, let me say from engineering education researchers: Thank you, Jonte, for stretching out your helping hand, and thank you for letting us stand on your shoulders.

SEFI Fellow 2022
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