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After more than thirty years of service to SEFI and the SEFI community, its Secretary General, Mrs. Françoise Côme, has retired from SEFI on 30th June 2022.  Françoise has long been the ‘face of SEFI’ and has represented SEFI ably and professionally across her career with SEFI.  Having come through a series of illnesses, Mrs. Côme would like to take time to focus on her personal well-being.  The SEFI President Prof. Hannu-Matti Järvinen of Tampere University said that “Françoise will be missed as she has been a constant presence and the person who most people in our engineering education community associate with SEFI.  The SEFI Board of Directors and the wider SEFI community thank Françoise for her service and we wish her the very best as she departs SEFI”. 

The SEFI Officers have discussed and agreed how to manage the SEFI office and general SEFI operations on an interim basis.  Prof. Järvinen has promised to keep the SEFI community informed of these developments.  In the meantime, Prof. Järvinen said that the SEFI Board is energized and seeks to actively push ahead with our SEFI strategic plan. 

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