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Congratulations to Dr Darren Carthy who was conferred with his PhD in Engineering Education at a recent ceremony in TU Dublin.  As the first in-person graduation ceremony since 2019, the CREATE team celebrated four PhD graduations in Engineering Education from 2021/22, all supervised by Professor Brian Bowe. 

The topics included:

Development of a Situational Judgement Test and an assessment of its efficacy as a stimulus of metacognitive behaviour in engineering students: Carthy, D. (2021) – Dr Darren Carthy

A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study into the impact of BIM on the Social Dynamics of the AEC professional in the Workplace – Mathews, M. (2021) – Dr Malachy Mathews

A Phenomenographic Study of Academics Teaching on Engineering Programmes in Ireland: Conceptions of Professional Skills and Approaches to Teaching Professional Skills: Beagon, U. (2021) – Dr Una Beagon

Towards a Sociotechnical Reconfiguration of Engineering and an Education for Ethics: A Critical Realist Investigation into the Patterns of Education and Accreditation of Ethics in Engineering Programmes in Ireland:  Available: Martin, D. (2020).  -Dr Diana Martin

For more information on the CREATE research Group:

Dr Darren Carthy, pictured with Dr Malachy Mathews and Dr Una Beagon, all of whom were supervised by Prof. Brian Bowe (also pictured). 
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