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Madrid universities and teaching centers are closed as of today for the two upcoming weeks.

In the current situation, we regret to inform you that the SEFI Convention for Engineering Deans (ECED 2020), organised by the University Carlos III of Madrid, is canceled for the dates 1-3 April 2020. We would, however, like to keep this event and organise it later in 2020. We will keep you informed about the new dates for our Convention as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding!



European Convention for Engineering Deans 2020

Shaping Engineers for Responsible Impact

Universidad Carlos III – Madrid – 1-3 April 2020

You may now register to the 12th edition of the SEFI European Convention of Engineering Deans – Shaping engineers for responsible impact. The main topic of this year Shaping engineers for responsible impact tries to deal with one important issue we should address as Deans of Faculties of Engineering:

  • How to prepare our students to work in a non-defined future, where boundary conditions are continuously changing and multiple stakeholders take part?

The confirmed speakers of ECED: 

Image description

Rocío López

Chief Enterprise Architect in ING

Image description

Ramiro Jordan

University of New Mexico, IFEES

Image description

Mariola Penadés

UCH-CEU, Johns Hopkins University

Image description

Carlos Ripoll

Head of institutional Projects, UPV

The aim of the Convention is to open and promote a fruitful dialogue. For that purpose, three main concepts are proposed:

Peace engineering

Our students, future engineers, will deal with new challenges further than climate change and internet of things.

  •    Which is the role of our future engineers in the out coming policies? Should it be more relevant?
  •    Are sustainability and technological development reconcilable concepts?
  •    Do our engineers have something to say in the achievement of a peaceful-global world?


The collaboration among different engineering and non-engineering disciplines, including the input of economic, social or legal, environmental and obviously technical stakeholders, open a new and transdisciplinary way of working where new abilities are required.

  • How to work in an environment where we face a complex context and the results become more unpredictable?

Agile Methodologies

How to generate the room for experimentation, with high levels of creativity, innovation, interaction and communication where the failure is of low impact, and the opportunity to develop new solutions?

The ECED 2020 challenge will try to summarize this in a statement of what is the role we are supposed to play or what future engineers should be in order to achieve a peaceful world. The publication will be called Madrid Mission.

We thank the ECED 2020 sponsors for their support:

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