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New special issue: European Journal of Engineering Education

Issue 1, 2020 of European Journal of Engineering Education is a special issue, on the theme “Scholarly development of engineering education – the CDIO approach”. Guest editors are Kristina Edström, Johan Malmqvist and Janne Roslöf.

This special issue results from an open call for submissions reflecting on and reporting insights from experiences to improve education with the CDIO approach. The selected papers address the following topics:

  • Feedback in online courses (Meikleham & Hugo)
  • Challenge-based education (Rådberg et al.)
  • Engineering education epistemology (Cosgrove & O’Reilly)
  • Curriculum development (Muñoz et al.)
  • Quality processes (Bennedsen et al.)
  • Work-based learning models in French engineering curricula (Rouvrais, Remaud & Saveuse)
  • Models for graduate and postgraduate engineering programmes in Russia (Chuchalin)
  • The role of CDIO in engineering education research (Edström)
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