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A-STEP 2030 – Second Transnational Meeting in Dublin


Members of the project team at the recent meeting in TU Dublin.

14th April 2019 – Last week, TU Dublin welcomed members of the A-STEP 2030 “Attracting Diverse Talent to the Engineering Professions of 2030” research team to the second transnational meeting which was hosted in Dublin.

The project which aims to address the lack of diversity in engineering programmes in Europe has three activities, which include focus groups with engineering students, employers and academics, work around the values and motivations of young people and adult learners, culminating the in roll out of a learning and teaching activity which will be hosted in TU Dublin in 2021.

The team which won the Erasmus+ funding in 2018 comprises academic members from ENSTA Bretagne, TU Dublin, Aalborg University, Metropolia University Finland and Universum, SEFI and the student engineering representative group BEST. Associate partners also include Engineers Ireland who were able to attend and contribute to the Dublin meeting.

The meeting had a packed agenda, which not only included dedicated time to discuss progress and the activities involved in the project, but the team also ran a focus group with engineering students in TU Dublin. The focus group, which forms part of the data collection was observed by all partners to ensure equality and reliability of all groups in partner countries. The focus group gathered information on the awareness and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals into engineering education and the skills required of engineers in the future.

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