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Question for written answer E-006596/2017 to the Commission Rule 130 Louis Michel (ALDE) Subject: Recognition of diplomas at European level

The European Union does not require diplomas awarded by one Member State to be recognised as equivalent to those issued by another Member State. The Member States alone are responsible for the content and structure of their education systems. However, recognition is generally provided for by exchange agreements and through the use of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Is the Commission considering putting in place an electronic platform ensuring equivalence and recognition of diplomas issued in the Member States?

Answer given by Mr Navracsics on behalf of the Commission : The Communication “Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture” (COM(2017) 673 final) of 14 November 2017 calls for the development of a “Sorbonne process”, which would be underpinned by a Council Recommendation on the mutual recognition of higher education and school leaving diplomas. Such a process would facilitate mutual recognition and take further the currently existing systems of cross-border validation of training and lifelong learning certificates. To support this initiative on mutual recognition, the Commission has proposed the development of a secure electronic system for the storage and retrieval of academic diplomas to facilitate verification of authenticity.

Text found in FEANI Newsletter.

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