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TU/e is looking for two new enthusiastic candidates to join their sustainability team, a Postdoc and PhD position on the project which focuses on the role of technical universities, TU/e in particular, as change agents for sustainability transitions. Both positions are action research oriented with TU/e providing empirical playground.

Postdoc: Transformative education for sustainability at TU/e

The specific tasks of the Postdoc candidate include:

  • Research into the tools that are necessary to integrate and evaluate sustainability in engineering education at TU/e.
  • Testing the tools in TU/e innovation Space.
  • Initiating a debate about transformative engineering education for sustainability at TU/e and beyond

PhD: Technical universities as agents of change for sustainability transitions

The specific tasks of the PhD candidate include:

  • Research into specific roles technical universities can assume in sustainability transition.
  • Support to the development of participatory sustainability assessment of the ongoing TU/e research, education, operations and/or governance.
  • Research into how universities can mobilize their staff and student community around sustainability transitions.

Deadline for both applications is 31 January 2023.

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