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European ENHANCE Alliance held its first ENHANCE Week at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) during 19-21 October 2021. SEFI VP Luis M. Sánchez_Ruiz attended some of the meetings of the event that was inaugurated by UPV Rector Jose E. Capilla who highlighted the necessity of the Alliance to advance in #No_Borders excellence with innovative and transdisciplinary education. Naveed Syed, Secretary General of ENHANCE Alliance outlined in his Keynote speech during the inauguration, the need to push forward digitalisation, sustainability, and mobility. Ana-Marija Cvitic, Strategic Officer at ENHANCE pointed out the need to target the new generation of students that is to enter the university by 2030.

During the week, Forum Student discussed challenges that students will face as Alliance students; administrative staff participated in the Staff Week organized by UPV, a course that included the learning about soft skills as a new block that every student and worker needs, and a final session as scape room collaborative space to recap all the outputs of the sessions.  Steering Committee and Board of Directors agreed on a common Education Strategy of the Alliance, among other decisions, also taking place during the week. The event was conducted by ENHANCE local hosts Vice-rector Jose F. Monserrat, who outlined the relevance of languages and intercultural competencies within Europe in general and the Alliance in particular, and UPV International Affairs Director, Nuria Llobregat, who exposed how ENHANCE is contributing to build Europe as a space for equality and innovation. 

ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS+ funding programme for European Universities, powered by the European Commission that aims to create an innovative framework of European networks, fostering increased student and staff mobility as well as innovative forms of learning and engagement with society. ENHANCE is coordinated by Technical University of Berlin and involves Warsaw University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, RWTH Aachen University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, and Universitat Politècnica de València; where SEFI is an Associate Partner of the Alliance.

Below please find some pictures of the event, portraying faculty and administrative staff, managers and students that took part in the «ENHANCE Goes to UPV» Week.

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