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Feedback in digital learning environments: Distant or Dialogic?

Naomi Winstone | University of Surrey

Whilst technology can streamline the feedback process, students often report that digitally-mediated feedback can feel impersonal. In this talk, I will explore the benefits and challenges of feedback processes in digital learning environments and consider how we can design opportunities for dialogue in such environments, minimising the sense of distance between educator and student.

Naomi is a cognitive psychologist specialising in the processing and impact of instructional feedback and the influence of dominant discourses of assessment and feedback in policy and practice on the positioning of educators and students in feedback processes. Naomi is a Reader in Higher Education and Director of the Surrey Institute of Education at the University of Surrey, UK. She is also an Honorary Associate Professor in the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University, Australia. Naomi is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a UK National Teaching Fellow.

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