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SEFI Ethics webinar: Justice and community engagement in engineering education

Thursday, 15 July, 5PM CET / 4PM GMT / 12PM Brazil / 11AM EST / 8 AM California

Recent years witnessed an increase in the calls for engineers to address inequality and injustice which is both a part and an outcome of current models of technological design and engineering practice. What was first a movement towards social justice initiated during the Vietnam War era when engineers founded the Committee for Social Responsibility in Engineering, it is now a topic whose importance is rapidly expanding in the conscience of educators. The responsibility to prepare a new generation of engineers that would strive for change and be ready to work towards societal goals in a manner that promotes equality and fairness lies with universities. Our seminar brings four experts from the US, the UK, and Brazil to explore ways in which justice and community engagement can be incorporated into the education of engineers, while also reflecting on the implications and limitations of such an approach.

Khalid Kadir (UC Berkeley, the US) Ethics Is Not Enough: Justice as the Ends and Means of Engineering Education

Patricia Xavier, Gabrielle Orbaek White, Nathalie Al-Kakoun (Swansea University, the UK) Finding spaces for humility and different perspectives in engineering community engagement

Jason Borenstein (Georgia Institute of technology, the US) Community Engagement and Undergraduate Social Responsibility Attitudes

Cristiano Cordeiro Cruz (Aeronautics Technological Institute, Brazil) Supporting community emancipation and learning how to practice “another possible” engineering: the Brazilian Grassroots Engineering case

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