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SEFI Board of Directors, new Vice President and new President

The SEFI elections will take place on the occasion of the 2021 SEFI on-line General Assembly next September.We are therefore inviting candidatures for one two-year Presidency, one two-year Vice Presidency and  a max. of seven three-year Board members (with a minimum of two). 


Members of SEFI, who have paid their annual membership fee and are interested in these positions, are invited to send their CV and a motivation letter to the President and Secretary General before the deadline fixed by the Executive Committee, which is of May 10.  

The applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their meeting of May 21.  

Candidatures approved by the Board of Directors will be sent to all the SEFI members with the invitation to the General Assembly. 

By submitting their candidatures, members confirm that they are aware of their rights and duties as well as the activities of the Society. For this purpose, interested candidates are invited to contact the SEFI office ( to receive additional information about the rights and duties of the SEFI officers (portfolios). They will also have a look at the SEFI Statutes (Art. 11-14) and Bylaws (Section III) here approved by the extraordinary General Assembly held on November 20, 2020.  


All candidates must be members of SEFI. 

They will demonstrate their willingness to be actively committed to our Society, and should consider the resources (time and funding) to fulfill their obligation. The terms of SEFI officers start on October 1 and end on September 30. The office of a director is not remunerated.


SEFI Board of Directors (“Conseil d’administration”) is the body responsible for the general policy of the Society. It is composed of the President, the two-Vice Presidents and a maximum of 21 elected members (with a minimum of 6). 
Two thirds of the board members must be the official representatives of institutional members. 
The Board of Directors shall be convened at least twice annually. The Board members are invited to participate in ad hoc committees that manage various aspects of the SEFI work, and they may notably be asked to represent SEFI at international events. Candidatures for the Board of Directors must be endorsed by at least three other members of the Society.
Candidates representing institutional members must be endorsed by at least two SEFI institutional members amongst the three endorsements. One SEFI member can not endorse more then two candidates. 
 The endorsement are not required if the candidate for the Board has already served as Board member prior to the candidature and has not changed their membership category after their latest mandate. They will justify their candidature with a description of their concrete achievements for the Society.  


Every odd year, the General Assembly elects a President out of the candidates approved by the Board of Directors. The mandate of the President is for two years and (s)he may run once again for an immediate second mandate.The President chairs the Board of Directors and the General Assembly and represents the Society.  Every year, the General Assembly elects a Vice President out of the candidates approved by the Board of Directors. The mandate of the Vice President is for two years and (s)he may run once again for an immediate second mandate.SEFI has 2 Vice Presidents at any given time. The Vice Presidents assist the President in his/her tasks. Individual and associate members can not be candidates for the Vice-Presidency. 

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