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Invitation: Can Europe deliver the qualified engineers it needs for the future?

Europe’s largest Federation of Engineers, FEANI (°1951 – 33 countries), representing approximately 6 million individual engineers, inaugurated on 11 September 2018 the “Engineers Europe Advisory Group” (EEAG) as part of its corporate strategy.

One week to go before the event on delivering qualified engineers for the future.  The event will take place on Thursday 7 March, from 17:00 to 20:30, at the Residence Palace. This event will concentrate on the work which has been carried out since the inauguration of the EEAG and on the challenges of digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

The speakers will be:

  • Prof. Dr. José VIEIRA, President, FEANI
  • Dr. Ekaterina VLADISLAVLEVA, CEO & Chief Data Scientist, DataStories International NV
  • Mr. Stefan DEIX, Director, European Council for Automotive R&D – EUCAR
  • Mr. Frank HEEMSKERK, Secretary General, European Round Table of Industrialists
  • Ms. Julia STÖCKERT, Founder, Skillary GmbH
  • Mr. Dirk BOCHAR, Secretary General, FEANI
  • Mr. Peter VAN DER HIJDEN, Independent Expert
  • Mr. Hans VAN DER LOO, Chairman, Institute for Integrated Economic Research

The debate will be moderated by Mrs. Cathy SMITH. For more information about the event, please follow this link.

For the registration, please click here. If you are unable to attend, please decline here.

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