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The World Federation of Engineering Associations (WFEO) is celebrating its 50th anniversary at UNESCO HQ in Paris on March 7 2018. The event will include an symposium on “Progressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Engineering”. The celebration of the 50th anniversary is a catalyst to develop a framework for an action plan for the engineering capacity that is required to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The March symposium will be the first event where WFEO will bring its members and partners to develop the WFEO Engineering 2030 Plan. It will be organised as follows: a session on capacity building for engineers and engineering  and analysis of the needs and capacity and demand for quality education and professional development; a discussion on special engineering issues such as ethics, sustainable engineering practices, diversity and innovation. The symposium will be opened by the UNESCO Director general followed by presentation of UN organisations and WFEO. It is expected that the outcomes of the event will include a framework of projects that will progress the role of engineering in achieving the UN SDGs.


SEFI hereby would like to congratulate WFEO for its anniversary and wishes WFEO a lot of success in the implementation of its 2030 Engineering Plan.

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