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46th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education

The Call for Papers is available in PDF format.

The focus of SEFI conferences is Engineering Education (EE) and for the Annual Conference 2018 we will focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. These elements are essential components in Engineering Education as well as the context for engineering education excellence! Thus, authors are encouraged to link their contributions to the conference theme 2018 “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Engineering Education Excellence”.

Conference tracks include (but are not limited to)

Conference Thematic Tracks:
• Sustainable Development Goals in EE
• Teaching Creativity & Innovation
• Philosophy & Purpose of Engineering Education
• Innovation as the context for EE
• Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods
• How Learning Spaces support innovative T&L
• Fostering entrepreneurship
• University-Business cooperation
General Tracks:
• Continuing EE and Lifelong Learning
• Curriculum Development
• Discipline-specific Teaching & Learning
• Educational and Organizational Development
• Engineering Skills
• Ethics in EE
• Gender and Diversity in EE
• Open and Online EE
• Quality Assurance and Accreditation
• Recruitment and Retention
• The teacher as a supervisor

Submission formats

At SEFI 2018, author(s) can submit different types of proposals.

Research paper: Full papers, which follow the standards for good research practice in Engineering Education Research (EER). Author(s) present for example original studies, research projects within EER.

Concept paper: Full papers, which present scholarly work within the field of Engineering Education (e.g. work-in-progress projects, studies of practice).

Papers will be presented in different session formats. In the submission process, author(s) can state a preference in which format they would like to present their work. For further information have a look at the SEFI 2018 website.

Non-paper-based contribution: Non-paper-based contributions are proposals, which require the submission of an extended abstract (e.g. workshops, roundtable discussions).

Important dates:

Statement-of-Intent submission (required for all submission types in form of an abstract) 19 March 2018
Feedback on Statement-of-Intent 12 March 2018
Full paper submission 30 April 2018
Submission of proposals which do not require a full paper (e.g. workshops) 21 May 2018
Notification of final acceptance 22 June 2018
Early Bird registration 17 July 2018
Final paper submission 06 August 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming you to
the Technical University of Denmark in September 2018!

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