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Sustainability is one of the key issues in society today. Technology is a source of many problems, but it could also provide solutions. Therefore it is important that engineers are becoming aware of sustainability issues and solutions. Consequently, sustainability principles become an important aspect of the engineering curriculum. SEFI special interest groups like the Curriculum Development Special Group (CD SIG), The SIG on Ethics in Engineering have contributed to the debate from their own perspective. For SEFI it is important to coordinate these various activities. Therefore the Special Interest Group is assigned the task to draw up an action plan.


The Special interest group aims to investigate the field of sustainability with respect to impact on engineering education.

Concrete tasks are to:

– make an inventory of key players in this field in Europe
– detail proposals how SEFI can best operate in relation to other parties
– consider how options for SEFI to manifest itself in this domain
– work out an action plan for SEFI how best to tune in to the developments in the area of sustainability
– prepare a position paper proclaiming the SEFI position on sustainability in engineering education


Prof. Jordi Segalas

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya UPC
Barcelona, Spain

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