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The main document for providing orientation to the community of mathematics lecturers in engineering education is the Mathematics Special Interest Group’s curriculum document which serves to clarify the main objectives of mathematics education. The 3rd edition of this document appeared in September 2013. It is called A framework for Mathematics Curricula in Engineering Education. This executive summary provides a one-page overview of the document.

This edition is based on the concept of mathematical competence which has been developed as a part of the Danish KOM project which was coordinated by Mogens Niss. The main intentions of the document are described in thisĀ paper presented at the SEFI Annual Conference in Leuven (2013). An actual curriculum for a specific practice-oriented study course in mechanical engineering based on the framework document can be downloaded here.

In order to see the development of the curriculumĀ  document over time, these are the previous two versions:

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