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Engineering Education Research is on the agenda for the improvement of higher engineering education and the development of strategies for solving important issues for the future of engineering education, such as recruitment, the need for new competences and the ability to deal with new types of interdisciplinary and complex knowledge.
Engineering education research in Europe, is characterized by a unique interdisciplinary approach where engineering education researchers do have various backgrounds in engineering, science, social science and educational psychology investigating higher engineering education.

The overall objective of the SEFI Special Interest Group on Engineering Education Research (SIG-EER) is to create a European community of engineering education researchers in order to contribute with research evidence to the advancement of engineering education.
Specific objectives are :

  • to raise awareness of the need of a research approach to the development of engineering education,
  • to identify and define the research area of engineering education and the engineering education researchers,
  • to support the establishment of engineering education research as a discipline in Europe as a whole as well as regionally,
  • to establish and contribute to European research projects,
  • to collaborate in the training of PhD students and to estab­lish a European standard for doctoral training for engineering education researchers
  • to influence and strengthen the engineering education research dimension at SEFI annual conferences
  • to actively support the development of the SEFI journal European Journal of Engineering Education as a platform for research on engineering education

SIG-EER has seminars and meetings at annual conferences every year. In between there will be local initiatives. All the announced activities are to be found on the virtual platforms.

The organisation of the SIG-EER will continuously be discussed among members. The intention is to have special interest group meetings twice a year and to run research symposia once a year. Beside these activities, there will initiatives related to projects, research training and the establishment of a community of practice.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Tinne De Laet

KU Leuven
Heverlee, Belgium

Latest news

Doctoral Symposium at SEFI 2021

SEFI 2021 Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education Research 12 September 2021 – online The SEFI SIG of Engineering Education Research and the Local Organizing Committee are pleased to announce the SEFI 2021 Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education Research. In this…

Postponed: SEFI Summer School for PhD students Engineering Education Research

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the unpredictable situation regarding international travels for June while having all face-to-face classes at KU Leuven suspended until the end of the academic year, we have decided to postpone the event for…

Follow your special interests with SEFI groups

Follow your special interests with SEFI groups SEFI offers an opportunity to delve into specific topics of engineering education with the Special Interest Groups. At the annual conference in Budapest, the groups organised multiple workshops and held well-attended meetings open…

SEFI 2019 Doctoral Symposium on Engineering Education

SEFI 2019 Doctoral Symposium on Engineering Education Submit your extended abstracts until 30 May! 15 September 2019 – BME, Budapest. The Local Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that there will be a SEFI 2019 Doctoral Symposium in Engineering Education, where…

Engineering Education Research WG @ SEFI 2018

Engineering Education Research WG @ SEFI 2018 The Working Group of Engineering Education Research is happily looking back at the SEFI 2018 conference. In different activities the members of our working group have contributed to the advancement of engineering education…

Evolution of European Engineering Education Research

Evolution of European Engineering Education Research Bill Williams How has engineering education research (EER) been evolving in Europe over the last decade? We in the EER Working Group (WG) would very much like to be able to provide an answer…

Engineering education research in Europe coming of age

Engineering education research in Europe coming of age SEFI working group for Engineering Education Research (WG-EER) was established in conjunction with the 36th SEFI Annual Conference 2008 in Aalborg. This means that the EER- working group this year can celebrate…

Engineering Education Research WG has a new chair

Engineering Education Research Working Group (WG-EER) Professor Tinne De Laet, KU  Leuven, has become the new chair for WG-EER. She has taken over the chair after professor Jonte Bernhard, Linköping University. Under the lead of this new chair, the WG-EER…

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