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Inês Direito, SEFI Person of Trust

Dear SEFI friends,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Inês Direito as SEFI Person of Trust. This appointment advances our mission of becoming a more inclusive and welcoming community.

Inês, a trusted member of the Board of Directors, will play a vital role as an approachable point of contact for discussions related to well-being and inclusion in SEFI spaces and events. Furthermore, she will collaborate with the SIG DEI to improve the overall diversity, equity and inclusiveness of SEFI’s initiatives.

This role includes the following key responsibilities:

·         Advocating for and celebrating the rich diversity within SEFI.

·         Establishing a safe and encouraging space for all members.

·         Upholding the principles of confidentiality and honesty to foster trust.

In case you need to get in touch with Inês regarding matters of diversity and inclusion, well-being, addressing discrimination or inappropriate behaviour, you may contact her at

We thank Inês for taking on this important role and for her dedication to fostering a safer and more inclusive SEFI community.

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