IIDEA workshop on 13-14 July 2013 in Tsinghua University (with HP and Mathworks support)

On July 13-14, IIDEA will collaborate with colleagues at the Tsinghua University and the Center for Engineering Education, for the third annual workshop series there.

This year’s workshop series is titled: “Engineering Education Connections: Teaching Centers, Industry Partnership, and EE Accreditation”, and it will bring together perspectives from international, regional, and local leaders including corporate partners.  The overall description of the two days of action-oriented sessions follows.

Engineering educators are faced with the challenge of preparing future engineers with qualities up to the standards of numerous sectors. They must implement the most up to date teaching practices, they must prepare engineers to meet the requirements of industry, and they must adhere to the standards of degree accreditation bodies.  Preparing engineers appropriately demands that universities connect meaningfully with leaders in teaching quality, industry, and accreditation.

This IIDEA session addresses capacity building in three dimensions:

(1) developing teaching centers at engineering universities,

(2) strengthening connections with industry partners, and

(3) building an accreditation system that is appropriate to the local needs in China.

By providing multiple perspectives from around the world from experts in teaching, industry-university connections, and accreditation, local leaders in China can determine the best way forward for their own environment.