GEDC Leadership to participate in The Global Grand Challenges Summit in United Kingdom

John Beynon, Chair Elect of GEDC joined by GEDC Executive Committee member Yanis C. Yortsos and GEDC member Thomas C. Katsouleas, will participate in the Global Grand Challenges Summit, London, scheduled to commence in March 12-13, 2013. [1]

The Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS) is a major new initiative launched by the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), National Academy of Engineering (USA) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This two day event will spark discussion and debate between 400 visionary leaders of tomorrow in the fields of engineering, technology, business, research & development as well as policy.  The Summit pannels will focus on how to develop inter-regional and global collaborations, networks and tools that are highly needed to solve common global challenges.
The prosperity of future generations heavily depends on unprecedented levels of inter-disciplinary and international cooperation towards solving global hurdles, from the need to provide clean water for a rising global population to developing a flexible infrastructure to climate change challenges, they all need a global synchronization of efforts. Please  click following link to view agenda of GGSC: GGCS_Agenda, London, 2013

[1] John Beynon, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Australia; Yanis C. Yortsos, Dean of the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California; Thomas C. Katsouleas, Dean of The Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University.

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