David Delaine, President of SPEED receives Fulbright Scholar Award

Dear members of the IFEES and GEDC Communities: we are pleased to share the good news with our community that David Delaine, an important student leader for several years and current president of IFEES member SPEED http://www.worldspeed.org/ has just been elected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award to work in Sao Paulo, Brazil with GEDC Executive Committee member Dean Jose Roberto Cardoso as well as other colleagues such as Dr. Joachim Walther of the  UGA Collaborative Lounge for Understanding Society and Technology (CLUSTER group). http://education.engineering.uga.edu/

Project Abstract of the work in which David will be engaged in:
Assessing the Impact of One Boundary Spanner on University-Wide STEM Educational Engagement

Engagement will transform STEM education into an inviting field in which all members of society are interested in participating. Boundary spanners, or knowledge brokers between the community and academy are integral in facilitating engagement. Here, university and community perceptions are evaluated before and after a Scientist-in-the- Classroom outreach program is introduced. Through the combination of established indicators of university engagement the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and local community are studied in an evaluation of faculty and community perceptions of engagement prior to and after intervention. Assessment of the intervention results in values of impact on students. This 16-month study is performed in conjunction with support from USP and other agencies.

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