The 19th KSEE Annual Conference and Engineering Education Festa 2012

Korean Society for Engineering Education(KSEE)—established in 1993 with the dual mission of cultivating engineering education and to facilitate associated technology transfer—has hosted its annual KSEE conference (19th KSEE Annual Conference) over November 22-23 in Ilsan, Korea (situated within the greater metropolitan Seoul area).  In keeping with its renewed internal agenda over the last two years for globalization/internationalization, KSEE invitations were extended to many dignitaries and organizations around the world.

The 19th KSEE Annual Conference featured numerous domestic sessions co-supported by our affiliated organizations (DAECK, NAEK, ABEEK) and was spearheaded by “Global Engineering Education Forum”—entitled  “Challenges of Global Engineering Education”(November 22)—with the following domestic dignitaries speaking on their respective visions and issues pertaining to engineering education:  Dr. Kim, Young-Gil (President, ABEEK), Dr. Lee, Heisook (Director, Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, Korea) and Moon Kyum Kim (President, KSEE) as well as the following international speakers who had reciprocated in kind to KSEE’s special invitations providing their respective global visions and issues pertaining to engineering education:  Prof. David Radcliffe (Purdue University, USA), Prof. Hajime Fujita (JSEE, Japan) and Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado (President, IFEES; President, ISEL, Portugal).

This year’s Global Engineering Education Forum was completed with “KSEE Outreach and International Cooperation” (November 23) with the following international representatives speaking on issues of their respective specialties:  Dr. Mohd Fadzil Daud* (SEEM, Malaysia), Mr. Yoichi Kemmochi* (JSEE, Japan), Mr. Ryan Campbell (Univ. of Washington, USA) and keynote session by Ms. Lueny Morell (HP Labs, USA).
The 19th KSEE Annual Conference—which further consisted of DAECK Annual Workshop, NAECK presentations, ABEEK presentations (which included presentations by Sydney/Dublin Accord-bound ETAC), meetings of various engineering societies, and various presentations on topics of K-12 Education, Creative Interdisciplinary Education, Engineering Ethics, Engineering Communication, Public Service, Teaching Methodology, Women in Engineering and Intellectual Property—was complemented this year by Engineering Education Festa (E2 Festa) 2012 as sponsored by Korea’s Innovation Centers.  E2 Festa 2012—the highlight of which was the Capstone Design Fair in which 274 teams from Korea and 16 teams from abroad showed off their ingenious college-level projects—hosted various exhibitions by college engineering clubs, engineering organizations and high school students—who, in fusing with the on-going job fair and job-consultation services, presented many of their respective results—in a generally festive atmosphere featuring snacks, music, media/illustrative/animation arts and fashion.

*In 2011—in reaching out to both the East and the West—KSEE formalized with MOU’s its relationships with Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE) and Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM) and sought to send our largest delegations and representations ever to events and meetings hosted by International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), Association for the Engineering Education in South East Asia and the Pacific (ASEESEAP) and American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), who had contributed financially to this year’s KSEE meeting.





Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado (President, IFEES; President, ISEL, Portugal) addressing 19th KSEE Annual Conference’s Global Engineering Education Forum





Ms. Lueny Morell (HP Labs, USA) and Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado (President, IFEES; President, ISEL, Portugal) at E2 Festa’s Capstone Design Fair

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